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The PAIN of exercise-induced inflammation

Topic Overview:


Exercise-induced Inflammation along with build-up of Lactic Acid delay your next training session as your body recovers.  Learn how to counteract those painful problems with a brand new category of sports nutrition products that enhance BCAA’s and other recovery supplements.


Although everyone acknowledges pain as a part of intense training and work-outs, few understand what to do about the FDA medically-recognized condition of Exercise-Induced Inflammation (EII) and post-exercise muscle and joint pain.  This session will take a close look at the first fitness product to focus on healthy remediation of prostaglandins and tissue trauma, along with the diffusion of lactic acid allowing greatly optimized recovery and an expedited return to training.  While many people take excellent recovery supplements, none of the current popular products address these specific pain issues and so typically, people pop ibuprofen along with those recovery supplements so they can get back in the gym faster…but they don’t realize that ibuprofen and NSAIDs only mask pain and are doing harm:


  • NSAIDs impede protein synthesis and so harm muscle recovery
  • NSAIDs virtually shut down tenocyte function and so are toxic to the recovery and strengthening of connective tissue like tendons and ligaments
  • NSAIDs interrupt bone re-calcification and so are very negative for bone health
  • NSAIDs increase the level of harmful Reactive Oxygen Species which are what good anti-oxidants are trying to defend against


ALPHA-Recovery™ creates the first new sports nutrition category in over a decade and allows people the FULL RECOVERY they need to get that added edge they need from more training.