Leslee Bender


Leslee Bender

Anti-Inflammatory Super Shots

Sat - 1:30pm to 2:00pm

Although she is AGELESS, international fitness super star, Leslee Bender, has had her share of sports injuries and recently had knee replacement surgery.  Not one to take medications long-term, this innovator turned to her own smoothie recipe and a blender and has been packing it with super foods from her "I Am Ageless Now" Book.  Meet the creator of the Bender Ball, hear her story of recovery, and learn how you can pack your blender with all of the right ingredients to put yourself back on your feet, too!

What Leslee Can Offer

Leslee Bender is the epitome of active and ageless. Leslee travels the world as an international fitness trainer, focusing on functional movement for people of all ages. Her functional techniques benefit athletes as well as everyday people who want to achieve optimal health and fitness while preventing injury. Leslee is the creator of the Bender Ball and I Am Ageless Now, as well as co-creator of Barre Above. A graduate of the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science, Leslee holds a BA as well as multiple certifications, including Fellow of Applied Functional Science, ACSM, NASM, ACE, and AFAA. Leslee lives in Orlando where she teaches Pilates, Barre Above, I Am Ageless Now, and other fitness classes, as well as personal training. She is an avid water skier. Along with the Saturday, 1:30pm demo in the Healthy Living Section, you can also find Leslee in the Fit Pro Day on Sunday, 1/26 and appearing on the GTZ Workout & Win Stage that same day at 11:30 a.m.

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