Nina Nam Transformation Winner

Sat & Sun, January 6-7 - 11:30am

Nina Nam won $80,000 cash from’s annual 12-week Transformation Challenge in 2015. The upcoming challenge will be an even bigger prize than that! Watch her epic surprise video and interview here:


Her badass book about this journey will be available Dec 2017. It’s an uncensored memoir of a depressed binge eater and the exact steps she takes to start believing in herself. There’s also details of her diet and exercise, seemingly random yet deeply insightful stories, and the word “sheeit” about 100 times. This story is proof that you can start exactly as you are, and quickly achieve more than you ever thought possible.


Nina has taught cardio-kickboxing at Equinox and 24 Hour Fitness in Los Angeles. She studied premed and theatre arts at the University of California Berkeley.


Come by the Healthy Living Pavilion stage to enjoy one of Nina’s favorite foods, to ask about the upcoming transformation contest, to win great giveaways, to win her book and to get nice hugs!


Check out an excerpt and be the first to get the pdf version free:

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