Kerry Tepedino


Kerry Tepedino

Women's Weight Loss:

The Connection Between Adrenals, Hormones and Ending Emotional Eating

Sat & Sun - 12:30pm

Most women are living their lives "managing" when they are really meant to thrive. They are stuck in the habit of "doing" instead of "being," which is negatively affecting their fitness, bodies, energy, moods, even eating habits. This holds them back from ever reaching their goals. Join this powerful breakout session to discover how to take your results to the next level with your body and your life!


Kerry Tepedino is an internationally recognized Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Counselor of Nutrition, and Craniosacral Therapist.


She is also the founder and host of the widely acclaimed Global Health Summit, bringing together world renowned masters of health and mindset, causing transformation in thousands worldwide. Having grown a successful private practice in Southern California, she has expanded her work to a global market through media, writing, speaking, products, books, private and group coaching.


Kerry’s personal experience of recovering from an eating disorder and low self-esteem led her to master holistic living and create a peaceful mindset, which she now helps others master. Her unique approach of shattering the toxic conversation in one’s head has resulted in her clients breaking addictions, losing weight, increasing energy, and relieving stress, so they can finally have the life and health they deserve.


Kerry speaks often on live and virtual stages, and has been interviewed on NBC, keynoted SDSU, taught at Whole Foods, and written for the Huffington Post, and more.

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