Jordan Grahm


Jordan Grahm

Eating for your Goals and How to Stay On Track

Sat & Sun - 11:30am

Jordan Grahm's YouTube video received over 3 millions views. He will share this story of how he lost 200 lbs in detail, specifically how he customized his meals for permanent weight loss. He understands the physical aspects of dramatically transforming oneself, as well as the mental and emotional aspects as well. He is a sought out speaker, weight loss specialist and personal trainer.

What Jordan Can Offer

Transform YOUR life today! Lose that weight you've been trying to drop, build muscle, and improve your flexibility & agility! I did it myself and now I can show you how. My name is Jordan Grahm, I am a weight loss specialist, personal and group trainer located in Los Angeles, California. Helping clients from all backgrounds and at all levels has brought me a lot of hands-on experience. I specialize in fat loss and total body transformations. After undergoing my own transformation losing over 200 pounds I understand not only the physical aspects of changing one’s body and life but the mental and emotional ones as well. I am now offering both online and in-person training with customized programs to get you to your goals. What are you waiting for? The transformation of your life is just an e-mail away: JordanGrahm@gmail.com

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