Sgt. Vegan Bill Muir


Sgt. Vegan Bill Muir

Becoming Vegan Strong - A Vegan Muscle Building Panel

Sat & Sun - 12pm

Vegan Strong: The Ultimate Field Manual for a Kick-Ass Plant-Fueled Life

With growing concern for animal welfare, along with looming environmental and health crises, more and more people everyday are considering the vegan lifestyle. While being vegan is easy, change can be a little scary, so it is always good to have an expert on your side. Let SGT Vegan (Bill Muir, RN, BSN) eliminate any fear of the unknown and set you on the path to becoming Vegan Strong!


-Learn about health and nutrition from a Registered Nurse


-Cook some delicious vegan food with easy –to-follow-recipes


-Travel in vegan style


-Smoothly transition to veganism while effectively dealing with friends and family


-Read fun and thought-provoking interviews with vegans about their journeys


-Work out Vegan Strong!


All of this is compiled into one easy-to-read book, full of illustrations, photos, and meal ideas. Vegan Strong is meant to entertain as well as to educate, and speaks to adults of all ages and backgrounds.


10% of the profits of this book will be donated to charity.




"Vegan Strong has an incredible amount of practical and useful information about veganism including how to become vegan, vegan nutritional needs, how to shop economically as a vegan and find vegan food anywhere, how to travel vegan-style, vegan recipes and fitness, thought provoking interviews with vegans., and even how to date as a vegan. This book not only covers all the basics you need to know as a vegan, but contains a wide variety of invaluable information for veteran vegans. Highly recommended!" - HappyCow


Sgt. Vegan (aka Bill Muir) is a classic Renaissance man. He'll cover your back on the battlefield, in a medical crisis, at the gym, or in the kitchen. He knows firsthand what it's like to maintain a plant-based diet under the most grueling circumstances (Army boot camp, Ranger training, deployment to Afghanistan!) and not only survive but also thrive, vegan strong. This ironman isn't just a tough guy, though. He has professional vegan culinary training, which is a natural extension of his warm, gentle heart. There's no one better than Sgt. Vegan to train your body and motivate your mind for a life of health, fitness, compassion, and good eating. --Jo Stepaniak, MSEd, author of Low-FODMAP and Vegan, The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, Vegan Vittles, and others.

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