Leo Escareno


Chef Leo Escareno

Sunfare's Authentic Salsa Verde Chicken

Sat & Sun - 12:30pm

As the premier meal delivery service in Southern California, Sunfare.com’s offerings are exquisitely sourced, high in protein, rich in fiber and are completely delicious. Chef Leo Escareno will be plating two of Sunfare’s most popular dishes: Protein Packed Gourmet Chicken & Turkey Bacon Poppers & Authentic Salsa Verde Chicken.


Chef Leo showcases all of his signature dishes on instagram. So if you ever need inspiration on how to provide fast, gourmet & most importantly, health-conscious meals, visit him at @chef.leo81

About Sunfare Meals

Sunfare is the leading provider of personalized healthy meals and delicious, family-style dinners in your neighborhood. No matter what you want to achieve, from losing weight and getting healthy to simply enjoying the convenience of having delicious food delivered right to your doorstep, we can help you. Our dynamic system of gourmet meal preparation, highly personalized service, and daily home delivery will enable you to fulfill your health and/or lifestyle goals. At Sunfare, we offer six fantastic meal programs: the Signature Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Paleo Diet, Optimal Cleanse, and Family Dinners. We've created hundreds of gourmet meals for each of these programs, all of which can be tailored to meet your personal tastes and/or dietary restrictions. What's more, each meal is made fresh every day using premium products and based only in the ingredients you want.

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